Pipe fittings play an important part in connecting straight pipe or tube parts. These fittings are also used to regulate the flow of liquids. It is the most important part of the piping & tubing program. Buttweld Fittings is one of the more commonly used pipe fittings in the piping & tubing systems. It acquired its name as Buttweld Fittings based on the assembly welding technique for which the pipes are connected. This connection is best and smoothest than socket welded & threaded connections.

For critical applications, Buttweld Pipe Fittings are the most used and liked forms it is widely used for transportation of fluids such as oil gas steam, chemicals, etc. All pipes are linked in Buttweld fittings by bolting together, while pipes are connected by welding in Buttweld. Buttweld Fittings come in multiple shapes, multiple grades, and dimensions.

Types of Buttweld Fittings:

Buttweld Elbow 45/90/180 Degree

45° /90° /180° elbows are the most commonly used types of elbows. Small buttweld elbows are produced by heating, cutting and bending the seamless pipes. By using welded pipes or steel plates larger buttweld elbows are produced.

Two special types of pipe elbows are:

  1. Reducing Elbow: It is used to connect when inlet & outlet pipes are in different bore sizes
  2. Meter Elbow: It is a pipe that has a right-angled bend and flow rate can be measured by using the gauge.

Buttweld Tee

  1. Equal Tee: This buttweld fitting used to connect the branch pipeline or at 90 degrees. This tee has the same bore diameter at both run side and branch sides that why it called an equal tee.
  2. Reducing Tee: It is also used for branch pipeline or line at 90 degrees. In reducing Tee bore size at branch sides is smaller than the run side.
  3. Unequal Tee: A pipe connector used to connect branch pipeline or at 90 degrees. This tee called unequal tee because bore size at run and branch sides have different diameters.

Buttweld Cross

Buttweld Cross fittings favored primarily when pipelines are to be linked at 90 degrees in branch. There are two types of buttweld cross depend on their bore sizes:

  1. Equal Cross
  2. Reducing Cross

Buttweld Reducer 

  1. Concentric Reducer: A concentric Reducer is also called welded concentric coupling. It allows for connecting a large pipe to a smaller pipe by means of welding. A concentric reducer allows a welded connection between two pipes with the same centerline.
  2. Eccentric Reducer: An eccentric reducer is also called welded eccentric coupling. It allows for welding a large pipe to a smaller pipe with an offset centerline. The offset of the centerline in an eccentric reducer is; Offset = 1/2 x (Largest ID – Smallest ID)

Buttweld Caps

Buttweld Caps is used to stop the flow or blind the pipeline, permanently or temporarily (during maintenance and reparation works). Buttweld pipe caps are available in all sizes & shapes.

Stub Ends

It is a short length pipe, which has one end that is flared outwards and other end prepared to be weld pipe of the same diameter.